From our terroir to your glass

Walking through our vineyards

as we have the pleasure of doing often, you easily identify the changing soil types and the varying density of the vines. We have in fact vineyards planted in 2007 alongside very old ones planted back in 1970.

Our vineyards are on the top of a hill, at a height of about 300 mt above sea level, in an area called “ I Poggi di Baschi,” well known for producing great wines.

The soil can be clayey , marly or tufaceous, sometimes with small pebbles ; surprisingly enough, is also rich in fossils , generating a high mineral content ideal for obtaining a consistent acidity in the white wines. The vineyards cover slopes exposed to the south east and south west.

Heading down to the lowest part of our vineyards, you come across the huge rocky basament on which our hill rests. Believe us when this rocky wall colors yellow with broom, it is a rare sight!

Only the experience of many harvests enable you to decide the correct intervention in your vineyards ( pruning, deleafing, thinning, treatments ..) and every year the bond with your land becomes stronger and stronger.

The breeding system is single or double Guyot for the white and spurred cordon for the red vines. It is important to emphasize that any chemical weeding is banned from our estate and anticriptogamic treatments are brought down to a minimum.

At Podere Barbi we are surrounded by vines. From a specific spot you look over the small Corbara lake surrounded by green hills and from our farmhouse the view of the city of Orvieto resting on its rocky, thousand year old platform is gorgeous.