White wine making

White Wines

We tend to keep to the grape growing and wine making traditions which made Orvieto wines renowned, but with the assistance of improved modern techniques aimed at the highest quality level. But once again passion alone can allow you to turn great grapes into great wines!.

Primarily we use autoctonous varietals but wisely increasing the ones that we believe to be the “noblest” such as Grechetto or special clones of Procanico. We greatly value Vermentino too. International varietals are used to a very limited extent.

The grapes are picked by hand, during the coolest hours with the usual care in selecting the best ones to better preserve their aromatic potential. The musts are cooled rapidly in stainless steel tanks and sediment is removed with the exception of the Archè which is partially fermented in wood.

The clear musts start fermenting with the aid of selected yeasts (apart from Grechetto which is spontaneously fermented), at controlled temperature. It is common practice to refine our wines in the bottle before their release.